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Students 11 years of age and older and entering sixth grade are required by law to have a tetanus-diphtheria toxoid and acellular pertussis (Td/Tdap) booster. This law became effective in 2010.


Before your child can enter sixth grade, we must have an updated Immunization Form (Blue Form) that documents that this booster has been administered. Students who do not have an updated Blue Form will not be allowed to attend school until the required immunizations have been completed.


You may contact the Blount County Health Department at 205-274-2120 to schedule an appointment,  or you may contact your child’s doctor.  If you have questions regarding school enrollment, please feel free to contact  the Blount County Board of Education at 205-625-4102. Thank you for your cooperation.


Nothing needs to be done immediately. This is just a reminder that this must be taken care of prior to the start of school in August. The updated immunization form can be turned in at Meet the Teacher or on the first day of school.

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